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Sean was born in Sydney, Australia, and currently resides in New York.

During his career, he has worked with many greats like Allan Holdsworth, Wayne Krantz, Frank Gambale & David Binney.

Well known and respected for his prolific writing and unique harmony and rhythm which is featured on over 20 CDs of original music.

In New York he has studied with Barry Harris, Kevin Hays, Geoff Keezer, George Colligan, Sam Yahel and Bruce Barth.

Sean has worked with many internationally renowned musicians including: Allan Holdsworth, Wayne Krantz, David Binney, Madeleine Peyroux, Tim Miller, Ingrid Jensen, Isaac Darche, Jon Iragabon, Ike Sturm, Matt Geraghty, The Three Degrees, The Dangit -Bobbys, Moses Patrou, Cornell Dupree & Jesse Harris.

He has released over 14 critically acclaimed recordings, featuring musicians such as Adam Nussbaum, Dennis Irwin, Seamus Blake, Chad Wackerman, Jesse Harris, James Muller, Jochen Rueckert, Matt Penman, Donny McCaslin, Will Vinson, Keith Carlock, Adam Rogers and Tim Lefebvre.

Sean has successfully toured internationally and has performed in many countries including USA, China, Japan, England, Germany, Hong Kong & New Zealand under his own name.

Besides recording his own CDs, Sean and his compositions have appeared on numerous others’ releases including albums by David Binney, Jon Gordon, Madeleine Peyroux (and many more).

Many musicians have dedicated pieces to Sean, inspired by his music, including: Dale Barlow “Seany”, Matt Penman “Waylo”, Florian Ross “Quahog Wayland”, Gerard Masters “Sean Wayland”, Brian Charette’s “Mode for Sean Wayland.”

Sean has a passion for technology. He has completed a bachelor of computer science degree and enjoys building musical applications in his spare time.


Sean Wayland

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