Ralph Alessi Ideas, Not Notes

RALPH ALESSI: Ideas, Not Notes (Edge)

Motivic Development & being Creative while Improvising

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  • * 1h 30min Masterclass
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PLEASE NOTE: this is the recording of a LIVE STREAMING masterclass.
It is NOT “studio production quality” nor does it claim to be.
Streaming LIVE video is VERY resource-intensive.
And a RECORDING of it is bound to be “less than perfect.”

So, at times the video turns “grainy” for a moment and then “recovers again” shortly thereafter.
Same with the sound. It sure is not perfect.

ALL THAT SAID: the golden nuggets are MANY.

And… IN EXCHANGE the live masterclass is an INTERACTIVE experience, where:

  • YOU can get your questions answered from an artist of this caliber
  • you have the opportunity to be live on screen yourself (via webcam, a la SKYPE)
    & get direct 1-on-1 feedback from the best of the best
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  • scott872 says:

    I was elevated in my musicality as a guitarist sitting in my office eating lunch. The conceptual strategies are haunting me this moment as I know what to do when I get my instrument at home. I really identified with the methods for making more with what you play. I read a Harmolodic Life probably 20 years ago but hadn’t been reminded of it and its insights until today. I really got what I needed from Ralph’s presentation. It was a real deep connection for me. Validation of things I already believed were essential to improv. Glad to have met Ralph. Thank you!