Lee Konitz Talking & Playing

LEE KONITZ: Talking & Playing (Stand-Alone)

Sax Icon LEE KONITZ discussing & demonstrating Jazz Improvisation

  • * Jam-packed 1-hour 20-minute Masterclass
  • * Solo & Duo Performances with Pianist Dan Tepfer
  • * BONUS: A truly classic 60-minute Interview, covering six Decades (!) of Jazz History
  • * Take/export Private Notes + Discuss with Course Members

26 Lessons

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A self-contained treasure trove of musical thought.
His plainspoken explanations in this video are illuminating, as they bring clarity and focus to this art form.”


One of the few legends from the Bebop era still with us.
Getting him to talk about music and the time (in his interview) is a great opportunity.”

Steve Barnette, USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)