Kenny Werner Effortless Mastery The 4 Steps

KENNY WERNER: Effortless Mastery: The 4 Steps (Stand-Alone)

Effective Practice Methods for Natural & Fearless Music Making

  • * For ALL Instruments & Levels - based on Kenny's Landmark Book!
  • * 1h 30min Effortless Mastery Class with KENNY WERNER
  • * 1h 40min STUDENT LESSONS on 5 Instruments (tp, sax, git, dr & violin)
  • * BONUS: in-depth 60-Minute Interview
  • * Take/export Private Notes + Discuss with Course Members

19 Lessons

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… Whenever I tell people about them, I tell them the 2 JazzHeaven videos absolutely are the definitive document on everything I teach.
When a person receives this, they will not even need a private lesson from me.


I had the book & got some good results. However, this sets a new standard.
I really experienced “The Space” in a very real way.
Kenny did an incredible job getting these concepts across.

George Martin, Jr., USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

I wanna say thanks sooo much for the new Kenny Werner Videos.
This is beyond mind-blowing. Unbeliiiievable.
It’s such a gift and bliss for all us musicians, artists, people. Thank you soo much! ! ! !

Philippe Schäppi, Switzerland

  • carlo667 says:

    By chance I discovered this course and the related books that I read in one go.
    An experience that opens up new horizons to improve your musical performance and more.
    The main psychological blocks that inhibit most performers are covered.
    Obviously there is a lot to learn and digest …. many questions also arise …. however it is a life changing experience making the person aware of realities that previously escaped. It is impressive to find in the words of the author all the negative and positive experiences, emotions, despair, joys already experienced during our musical life ………. teaches us to juggle all this ….. .as if he had been present and knew all the defects and fears of our previous musical study path.
    A thousand thanks

  • Gene Coleman says:

    I accidentally came upon Kenny Werner and heard his incredible gorgeous piano playing surfing piano jazz on youtube and segwayed to this after listening to his Google talks and other stuff of his on youtube and I got hooked. What an gem he is and his work!

  • Duane says:

    Great beginning.