Kenny Werner Effortless Mastery The 4 Steps

KENNY WERNER: Effortless Mastery: The 4 Steps (Stand-Alone)

Effective Practice Methods for Natural & Fearless Music Making

  • * For ALL Instruments & Levels - based on Kenny's Landmark Book!
  • * 1h 30min Effortless Mastery Class with KENNY WERNER
  • * 1h 40min STUDENT LESSONS on 5 Instruments (tp, sax, git, dr & violin)
  • * BONUS: in-depth 60-Minute Interview
  • * Take/export Private Notes + Discuss with Course Members

19 Lessons

Not so fast. 😉

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BUT: good news! We made 4 (killer) Lessons available to you right now:

3. The Space (Introduction)
4. Step 1: Learning the Space
10. Review of the 4 Steps

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I had the book & got some good results. However, this sets a new standard.
I really experienced “The Space” in a very real way.
Kenny did an incredible job getting these concepts across.

George Martin, Jr., USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

I wanna say thanks sooo much for the new Kenny Werner Videos.
This is beyond mind-blowing. Unbeliiiievable.
It’s such a gift and bliss for all us musicians, artists, people. Thank you soo much! ! ! !

Philippe Schäppi, Switzerland

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