Jerry Bergonzi Creating a Jazz Vocabulary Vol. 1

Creating a Jazz Vocabulary Vol. 1 (Stand-Alone)

WORKOUTS: Chord Scales/Tones, Approach Systems, Voice Leading & More

  • * For ALL Instruments & Levels!
  • * Jam-packed 2-hour Masterclass with JERRY BERGONZI
  • * STUDENT Demonstrations
  • * Play-Along Tracks, Lead Sheets & 18-Page PDF Booklet
  • * BONUS: in-depth 60-minute Interview
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26 Lessons

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2. Intro Performance
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8. HOT TIP: How Jerry Memorizes Changes
18. Limited-Range Playing

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Jerry’s Volume 1 helped me to address some important weak spots
and gave me crystal-clear guidance on how to tackle them.
Happy that I now know exactly what to work on for the next half a year or more.
Great “investment” and highly inspiring. Thank you so much!

Wim Dijkgraaf, The Netherlands (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

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