Jerry Bergonzi Ask Me Anything!

JERRY BERGONZI: Ask Me Anything! (Edge)

The Grandmaster returned to the Dojo...

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PLEASE NOTE: this is the recording of a LIVE STREAMING masterclass.
It is NOT “studio production quality” nor does it claim to be.
Streaming LIVE video is VERY resource-intensive.
And a RECORDING of it is bound to be “less than perfect.”

So, at times the video turns “grainy” for a moment and then “recovers again” shortly thereafter.
Same with the sound. It sure is not perfect.

ALL THAT SAID: the golden nuggets are MANY.

And… IN EXCHANGE the live masterclass is an INTERACTIVE experience, where:

  • YOU can get your questions answered from an artist of this caliber
  • you have the opportunity to be live on screen yourself (via webcam, a la SKYPE)
    & get direct 1-on-1 feedback from the best of the best
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0: Full-Length Version (No Chapters & better Audio!)

1: Intro Performance

2: Tips for using Sax as Compositional Tool

3: Play Some Piano!

4: It’s Not about Lines, It’s about Time Feel!

5: Practicing Mentally & What to Practice with Limited Time

6: Playing Drums/Piano is Necessary for All?

7: How to Change Your Playing

8: Saxophone = “Noise Machine”

9: Exercises to Practice without Instrument

10: Let Choice Be Made!

11: How long Jerry practices Piano/Drums per Day

12: Why Jerry listens to Players of All Instruments

13: What is Joe Henderson doing in his “Sweeping Arpeggios?”

14: What Jerry puts in his (many) Notebooks (It’s all Ear Training!)

15: How to develop stronger Relative Pitch & Connection to the Instrument

16: On Brecker/Stern & Incorporating Other Instruments’ Vocabulary

17: Advice for Getting Started using Triad Pairs for Improv

18: Good Fingering for Altissimo G# for 5-Digit MK VI Tenor

19: Esoteric Books that influenced Jerry (Astrology, Meditation, etc.)

20: What's Your Favorite Note over a D-Minor Chord?

21: What Do You work on to get Your Playing more Vertical beyond Playing Arpeggios?

22: Developing Lines based on 12-Tone Rows + The “Law of Limitation”

23: How long to Practice Tone Exercises + Joe Viola Anecdote + “No-Embouchure Embouchure”

24: Are You using Yoga Breathing Exercises?

25: Do You Play to Make the Audience “happy”…?

26: How can I Change My Sound?

27: Bop-type Chromatic Connections in Quartal Harmony

28: On Lineage (Younger & Older Players)

29: Astrology Detour: Saturn & Taurus

30: Do You know & use the Lyrics of a Song?

31: Ways to Combine 2 Pentatonic Scales (Poly-Pentatonics)

32: Shape Playing

33: Shape Playing - Out of the Key

34: Playing Softly (Coltrane/Ellington: My Little Brown Book)

35: Jerry on his Book Series

36: Final Performance