Jean-Michel Pilc True Jazz Improvisation

JEAN-MICHEL PILC: True Jazz Improvisation (Stand-Alone)

A Clear Path to making Real Music in Real Time

  • * For ALL Instruments & Levels!
  • * 2-hour Lesson with a Master Improviser & Master TEACHER
  • * Includes STUDENT Demonstrations
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  • * BONUS: in-depth 60-minute Interview
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39 Lessons

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4. Introduction: Improvisation as Instant Composition
10. Playing What You HEAR vs. The Instrument Playing YOU (Exercise)
13. Playing Melodies vs. Playing Intervals
15. Hearing Melodies without the Instrument (Killer Exercise)

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Buy this! Jean-Michel Pilc is an incredible musician, and this is an incredible video. A master musician describes to you what goes on in his head while he performs, and then describes how he achieved that ability, then gives you concrete examples of how to do it. Perfect.
I am a third year in jazz school, but I have no doubts that this material would be very helpful to a beginner as well.
I’ll be watching this video many times over, I’m sure. It’s remarkable.

Pilc in essence explains everything one would need to become a functioning jazz musician, and he does it in 2 hours. If you get this video and disagree, watch it again. I’m sure the answers are there.
Bill, USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

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