Jean-Michel PIlc Piano Playing: Transcending The Instrument

JEAN-MICHEL PILC: Piano Playing: Transcending The Instrument (Stand-Alone)

A Technical & Musical Journey to Start Playing the Piano like an Orchestra

  • * For ANY Pianist interested in Technique & Practicing
  • * Learn from Piano Master JEAN-MICHEL PILC - for ALL Levels!
  • * Jam-packed 2-hour 25-minute Piano Masterclass
  • * BONUS: 60-Minute Interview by Dan Tepfer
  • * Take/export Private Notes + Discuss with Course Members

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2. Piano Playing vs. Music Making
3. What Technique is About (Transcending the Piano)
4. Overview
6. Economy – Managing Your Energy

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I really liked this workshop!
Pilc’s approach
completely renewed the way I saw technical piano work (scales, Hanon, etc.).
Lots of great tips for exercises & techniques to improve interpretation and improvisation.
A real method to create your own exercises whatever your level is & a method to develop your musicality.

Amael Cattaruzza, France (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

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