Hubert Nuss Messiaen Modes applied to Jazz Harmony

HUBERT NUSS: Messiaen Modes applied to Jazz Harmony Vol. 1 (Edge)

An Introduction to the harmonic colors of Olivier Messiaen

  • * ORIGINS AND BRIEF OVERVIEW: MODES I - VII The person / mathematics / nomenclature / the overtone series / tetrachords
  • * THE MAIN COLOR SOURCES Mode II, Mode III and „L’Accord sur la Dominante“ (chord on V) Basic chord rows and chord symbols
  • * MODE III Many ways of harmonic and linear orchestration / carnatic scales
  • * L’Accord sur la Dominante (chord on V), AD Colorful voicings / the modal principle
  • * Applying Ollie-Chords to Functional Harmony T and D / the double role of S / DD etc. / II V I
  • * OUTLOOK New colors by combining Mode III and AD with Bebop-Scales

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